On Sunday, June 8, 2014, Bruce Sharp and Nancy King unveiled  a plaque commemorating the foundation of Edmarc Children’s Hospice, Inc. The plaque memorializes the Holy Spirit working through the congregation of Suffolk Presbyterian Church in establishing Edmarc, now in Portsmouth.   Bruce and Nancy, former and present board members, presented the plaque to the congregation following Sunday’s outdoor worship. In attendance  were Peggy Page and Ed Page, Jr., widow and son of the  Rev. Edward Page;  the Rev. Barbara Mease, the original program director of Edmarc and later executive director of The Children’s Center; and Roselyn Cutchins, presently executive director of The Children’s Center. The Children’s Center  spun off from the early Edmarc development and serves children with developmental needs in Western Tidewater and Suffolk. For more detailed background see Edmarc Historical Notes

The  plaque inscription reads:

“In 1978, the congregation of Suffolk Presbyterian Church supported the vision of members Allen and Joan Hogge to found the nation’s first hospice for children. The name honors their terminally ill son Marcus and the church’s pastor and cancer victim Rev. Edward Page

Through the generosity of the Presbyterian Women’s Birthday Offering, other organizations and individual donations, Edmarc has become an independent agency and has served thousands  of children and families throughout Hampton Roads.”

“For with God,  all things are possible.  Mark 10:27”


Welcome to all to celebrate Pentecost on the grounds of SPC on Sunday June 8.  Join in our end of year picnic hosted by the Wes and NancyKing. Also featured is the unveiling of a plaque in  commemoration of  the founding of Edmarc.  Side dishes and desserts are welcome!