On Nov 22, the SPC Living Waters for the World Mission Team returned from Guatemala after a successful  mission trip. The trip’s primary purpose was to establish a covenant  to install a clean water system in a middle school in El Paso de los Jalapas.  That village is near Estancia de la Virgen where SPC already has  sponsored two LWW clean water systems. One, in the elementary school, provides clean drinking water for hundreds of students and staff.  The other, in SPC’s sister-church, Nueva Jerusalem, produces clean water that is sold at a low price to the community, with a portion given away to the needy.

In 2012,  the team  met with Professor Manuel de Jesús Hernandez Pereira, the El Paso principal, and inspected the school where he would like a system. Since then, he has started site preparations, hoping to bring the project to completion with help from U.S. partners.

For this project, SPC is partnering with a team from Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas. They have agreed to split the costs of the project and provide some much-needed LWW-trained manpower and expertise.  Bob Thornton from LHPC joined us on this the trip and will be a great asset as we combine “forces” to  return to Guatemala in mid February 2015 for the installation.