SPC’s Living Water for the World Mission Team of Chris Irby, Skip Irby, Rob Saunders and Jack Stoughton, returned home on Nov. 19 after completing a 8 day covenant development trip to Guatemala. The purpose of the trip was to develop a new partnership for its fourth water purification system. The team and the LWW in-country coordinator, Pablo Perez, spent 5 days at Centro de Educacion Popular El Tule, a camp-like facility near Chiquimula about 4 hours east of Guatemala City. Several potential installation sites were visited nearby but ultimately, the team selected to partner with the EL Tule camp. In spite of the camp’s abundant water supply, water quality issues necessitate the addition of a Reverse Osmosis Softner (ROS) component to the system. Not only will this be the first ROS installation by the team but will be the first LWW ROS system in Guatemala. Rob Saunders and Jack Stoughton will attend LWW’s Clean Water University near Oxford, MS in April to receive training in the ROS technology. The LWW team will return in November, 2018 for the installation at El Tule.
The team also visited its previous installation sites in El Paso de los Jalapas and in Estancia de la Virgen. All the sites are operational and are being well maintained