A Celebration of Edmarc and the Children’s Center – July 15th

The worship service at 10 a.m. on Sunday July 15th was a special celebration of the work of the Spirit in the roots of Edmarc Hospice for Children and the Children’s Center here at Suffolk Presbyterian and the continuing presence of the Spirit in those two agencies. Significantly, Edmarc was founded at SPC 40 years ago and out of Edmarc, the Children Center was founded 35 years ago. Those “mustard seed” beginnings have indeed put forth much fruit.

The church hosted Joan and Allen Hogge, Debbie Stitzer-Brame, Executive Director of Edmarc and Rosalind Cutchins, Executive Director of The Childrens Center. These presentations focused on the history of these organizations and the work they are doing now.  Both past and present board members and staff of both organizations were in attendance.

The worship service was followed by a catered reception and opportunity for fellowship.