In the story of God, as we tell it, there is a barrier
that exists between the Created world and its
Creator. A wall. Sin, we believe, separates us
from God, and separation from God is
Our story goes on to tell us that God, seeing that
we had no hope in ourselves of getting over, or
through or around what separates us, offered us a
gift in Jesus Christ, who opens a door — a door
we could not open ourselves.
What a gift!
But the story goes on to say that Jesus is the
perfect gift; not only opening a door but coming
through it. Our story says God is with us.
In Jesus, God joined with humanity, pointing the
way to the end of our separation. And in his life,
death and resurrection, so our story of God goes,
Jesus is the door, now standing open. The giving
continues because God is with us, still — and
Because being with us is part of God’s story,
being with others is part of our call.
During this Advent Season, we are called to
support the Christmas Joy Offering, to celebrate
God’s perfect gift and open doors for those we

might not be able to meet face to face, but who
need the support that our gifts provide.
We support the potential of students of color who
are becoming leaders in our churches and
communities as we seek to come alongside them,
to encourage and to open doors. And we support
church workers and their families who encounter
critical financial needs as we come alongside
them, to assist them — we open doors for them.
We thank God for being “with us” through the
gift of Jesus and for joining us together as the
Church and, through our gifts, with those who
have need.
The story of God, as we tell it, is not about a
barrier, but about a gift. It’s not about the
separation, but about the gift of “being with.”
Please give generously to the Christmas Joy
Offering, in celebration of God’s perfect gift to
us. Give because it brings us together, to open
doors of relief and opportunity and to
relationships that are part of God’s story, a part
of God’s perfect gift to us.
Our gifts reflect our generous God. Our gifts
support leaders in our Church and world — past,
present and future.