Church Use Policy

SPC Church Use Policy

  1. General Policy – In order to be good stewards and in keeping with the purpose of Suffolk Presbyterian Church to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in worship and service to the needy, and to promote peace and justice in the world, the church will give careful consideration to requests for use of its facilities by non-profit, community service, civic and health care organizations not affiliated with the church.  Use of the facilities by business, for-profit, and individual non-members of the church will generally not be permitted except in the most exceptional circumstances.
  2. Priority – It must be clearly understood that the worship and work of the church and its organizations will always take priority in the use of the facilities.  Organizations which make regular scheduled use of the facilities under a shared space or other written agreement approved by the Session will have next priority.  Requests from organizations through members of the church who are also members of the requesting organization will receive next priority.  Requests from other organizations will be considered on a case by case basis.
  3. Authorization – In accordance with the Book of Church Order, the Session has responsibility for the management of the property of the church.  This is normally coordinated through the Facilities Ministry Team.  As a general rule, requests for recurring periodic use (daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly) use of the facilities will require approval by the Session.  The Session will delegate authority to either the chair of the Facilities Ministry Team or some other person to approve requests for one time use of the facilities.  This person may use their judgment to either approve the use or to refer the request to the Session for approval.
  4. Coordination – Prior to approval, all requests will be checked against the church’s master calendar to insure there is no conflict with other scheduled activities.
  5. Requirements – Requests for use of the facilities should be in writing or by e-mail to the church office and should contain at a minimum:
    1.  Name, address, phone number and title of person requesting use
    2. Organization name
    3. Purpose of the organization
    4. Specific facilities requested for use
    5. Date and time period of proposed use
    6. Name of church member acting as liaison if other than requesting person
    7. Proposed donation (if any) for use.*
    8. A statement that it is understood that the church will not be liable for any claims arising out of the proposed use and that the group will use reasonable care in its use of the premises.  It should also be understood that the organization will be responsible for returning the facilities to proper order and cleanliness at the end of its use.

*Suffolk Presbyterian does not charge rent for the use of its facilities, however it should be recognized that uses of the building other than during normal daytime operating hours results in added utility and operating expenses.  Donations to offset these expenses are gratefully received.