The Session is our local governing body and oversees all aspects of church life. Our Session consists of the pastor as moderator, a clerk, and six ordained elders, who are elected by the congregation to serve for three years. Both men and women may serve. The clerk is responsible for record keeping and coordinating with our local governing body, the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia (PEVA).  Each elder is responsible for one or more ministry teams or committees:

  • Administration/Communication
  • Christian Formation
  • Compassionate Outreach
  • Facilities
  • Invitation
  • Personnel
  • Stewardship/Finance
  • Worship

The board of Deacons is responsible for the Congregational Care Ministry Team. Six deacons are elected by the congregation to three-year terms, with the pastor as an advisor. Both men and women may serve as deacons. The deacons minister to those in need, the sick, the friendless, and those in distress in the congregation or beyond as proscribed in Acts 6:1-4.  SPC  uses the concept of flocks, whereby the congregation is divided into small groups or flocks, with a deacon as the flock leader to keep in touch with the members.